4G network and milk distribution: 2 takeaways from the government meeting

Prime Minister Aimene Benabderahmane chaired, this Wednesday, March 30, 2022 at the government palace, a meeting with his government at the level of the Government Palace. During this meeting, several subjects were on the agenda: posts and telecommunications, health, justice and trade.

Towards the improvement of the 4G network

In a press release made public by the Prime Minister, that same day, at the end of this government meeting, the meeting focused on the field of posts and telecommunications. Where 3 draft executive decrees have been tabled, including the approval of amendments to the specifications annexed to the executive decrees. These include the approval of licenses for the establishment and operation of public networks for fourth generation wireless mobile communications. To provide wireless communication services to the public.

Distribution of milk on the menu

In the area of ​​trade and export promotion, the Minister of Trade and Export Promotion gave a presentation to the government. The presentation included the control of the distribution of pasteurized milk packaged in bags, thanks to the development of a new distribution map. This will improve the distribution network of this substance, taking into account population density and consumer needs.

Field of health

Two draft decrees in the field of health were also presented, defining the missions, organization and functioning of the National Institutes of Higher Training for Paramedics and Midwives.

Towards a new law criminalizing the export of certain products

In the field of justice, the Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals, made a presentation on the project to put in place a procedure for criminalizing the export of consumer products whose prices benefit state support. In addition to prohibiting the import of those that are locally made.

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