A French brand draws its ingredients from Algerian forests

In recent years, consumer appeal for cosmetics of natural and organic origin has continued to grow, as has the importance given by some companies to environmental protection. This is why cosmetic brands favoring organic products are becoming more and more numerous, exploiting biodiversity, in particular plants.

This is the case of this French brand Settara, specialized in organic cosmetics based in Montpellier in the south of France, which uses plants from Algerian forests in the composition of its products.

According to the Franco-British magazine Marie-Claire, the brand “is supplied by wild picking in an Algerian forest”. Indeed, the brand has managed to exploit a forest in Settara, a town located 68 km south-east of Jijel. Away from the city, this dense forest of plant varieties is preserved from all urban pollution, which makes it a source of choice. According to the site of the same brand, more than 150 medicinal species have been identified and within the forest.

You should know that Settara manufactures its cosmetics from lentisk pistachio, a plant fairly widespread throughout the Mediterranean territory.

The French company has had the Algerian forest certified

In order to have the famous Bio label, the French company had the Algerian forest certified itself following numerous steps. Indeed, very committed to environmental protection, this certificate was more than necessary. It should nevertheless be emphasized that during this “wild picking” the brand only takes 20% of the ripe fruit found on the trees to preserve the biodiversity of the area.

As a reminder, labeling is mandatory in order to classify a so-called organic product. This is based on demanding specifications and a charter of ethical values. Cosmetics wishing to benefit from it must therefore meet certain conditions in terms of composition.

The brand therefore specifies that all the treatments offered are labeled Cosmebio, Cosmos Organic and certified by Cosmécert, the most demanding label in Europe.
This therefore allows consumers to ensure that all products are made up of at least 95% of ingredients of natural origin and that at least 95% of plant ingredients are organic, knowing that Settara offers products that are made up of 98.7% 100% natural ingredients.

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