Absence of Riyad Mahrez: the FAF denies the rumors

The absence of Manchester City winger, Riyad Mahrez, from the last meeting of the Algerian team, continues to be talked about. Despite the many denials about this episode, some stubbornly turn the page and promote fanciful rumors as each other.

In response to this question, the head of communication within the Algerian football federation, Salah Bey-Aboud, said: “We have in our possession the medical report of Riyad Mahrez. This report was provided to us by the administration of his club, Manchester City. he said, before adding, “this report goes into detail about Mahrez’s injury. explains Bey-Aboud.

In line with these latest statements, the FAF’s communication officer was categorical about the extravagant rumors circulating concerning the credibility of this report, “I exclude that a club of Manchester City’s standing delivers a false document to justify the absence of one of his players. he declares.

In the eye of the storm since his absence deemed insufficiently justified, the slightest step of Riyad Mahrez is taken in bad faith. It is with this in mind that Salah Bey-Aboud chained his statements, “it is completely normal for a player to take a vacation after a long season. he explains.

Asked about the reasons for the recurring craze for Riyad Mahrez, the head of communication within the Algerian football federation, Salah Bey-Aboud, gave a snippet of an answer, “you have to remember that the star status whose enjoys Riyad Mahrez attracts him more looks. It’s the price to pay when you’re a football celebrity. he concludes.

An uncertain future with the Manchester club?

At the end of the contract in June 2023, the future of the Algerian international, Riyad Mahrez, with the Mancunian club Manchester City, is the subject of all media speculation.

According to the French site “Sport.fr”, the leaders of Cityzens would not be against the departure of the African champion in 2019. The site evokes the possibility of a departure from Mahrez in order to balance the finances of the club after the massive expenditure of Skyblues to secure the services of prolific Norway striker Erling Haaland.

A hypothesis that the British subsidiary of the American newspaper, The New York Times, The Athletic, quickly buried. According to them, the Spanish technician, Pep Guardiola, does not intend to part with his winger for next season. “The athletic” closes the doors on a possible departure of the Algerian winger.

The British media excludes this possibility launched by the French sports site and confirms that Mahrez will be in the plans of the Mancunian club for the next exercise. However, Riyad Mahrez’s transfer file is shrouded in fog as neither the main stakeholder nor the City club bosses have provided any information on the matter.

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