African arbitration: Belmadi responds curtly to his detractors

The national coach Djamel Belmadi returns to the disillusionment of March 29 and the vicious arbitration of Gassama. He invites those who have criticized him, in particular the consultants of TV studios, for a debate.

Djamel Belmadi still lives under the disappointment of the elimination of the Greens for the next World Cup in Qatar. Indeed, and like his players, he can not digest this failure. During the press conference he hosted this morning, he returned to the disillusionment of March 29. For the umpteenth time, he evokes African arbitration and that of Bakary Gassama especially.

“There is a lot of anger in me, but it will be used to come back. I didn’t like the way that last game went at all, especially the ending. The players and I will carry this pain all our lives. I intervened to defend the national selection, the FAF as well as the investment of the players, ”he regrets.

If Belmadi criticized African arbitration, it is simply because “Since 2019 we have been victims of arbitration. Against Zambia, the referee had been suspended for 3 months, the match in Botswana where there are attacks, the match against Burkina in Marrakech, the first leg in Cameroon where Bensebaini is cautioned for a touch “, a-t-t -he indicates.

Still on the subject of African arbitration, Belmadi did not refrain from expressing his disappointment with the president of Fifa Gianni Infantino. “Mister Infantino says he wants the good of African football, but I see nothing at all. Who supported EN? No one except the people, I’m sorry but you (journalists) haven’t done your job, if we’re weak on that side”.

His answer for TV set consultants

Djamel Belmadi has been the subject of criticism after his resounding declarations concerning arbitration in Africa. He invites some consultants from private television channels for a debate.

The national coach responds curtly to consultants from private television channels. “These people do not want to come and express themselves, I invite them to speak to the communication officer of the FAF. But they don’t want to give their opinion, they prefer to stay in their studio just to criticize,” he said.

“We made a proposal to organize a debate with private channels / journalists, I think it would have been a good thing to take stock with everyone, it would have fueled the debate, more than a conference. But it never happened because of the problems between some people! “, he adds.

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