Algeria-Cameroon affair: an official at the FAF speaks

The outcome of the appeal file filed by the Algerian football federation with FIFA is the favorite subject of fans of the Algerian team.

After the international football federation announced the date of Thursday, April 21 as the date in which news will be provided on the subject of the Algerian appeal, the famous appointment set by the international body has revealed none of its secrets. Nevertheless, the Algerian supporters had a statement which could provide more details on this subject, enough to have an additional element to put in their mouths.

Indeed, the communication officer within the Algerian national team, Salah-Bey Aboud, spoke about the appeal filed by the FAF services to question the arbitration of the second qualifying round. at the 2022 World Cup between the Algerian and Cameroonian teams.

Salah Bey-Aboud did so with sobriety and immediately calmed down the ardent demands of the public, “first of all, you have to be aware of how the procedures of the international football federation are carried out. When FIFA set the date of April 21, our services were informed that this date would not reveal the final decision of FIFA, this is what you need to know. ” he said before adding ” we can not give a date for the response of FIFA, April 21 is only the date of opening of the Algerian file by the services of the Algerian football federation “adds- he.

The communication officer for the Algerian team went back to the identity of the commission that will take charge of the Algerian file, “for the time being, we have no information. We do not yet know if it is the disciplinary committee that will deal with the Algerian appeal, or it is that of arbitration. Indeed, we seized the latter, but we cannot confirm the identity of the commission which will decide on our subject” he explains.

Should we expect a favorable response from FIFA?

The bitter observation still remains, the Algerian team will not play the 2022 World Cup. After the Fennecs lost the battle on the green rectangle, the Algerian football federation decided to fight another battle to hope to change the leaves the meeting.

Measured, the communication officer of the Algerian team recalled some principles of the approach of the Algerian federal body, “far from the actions of supporters and the words of journalists, the Algerian football federation remains within its framework professional. We have submitted our file to FIFA. The latter is very strict about the dates set, and she leaves nothing to chance, we have to wait for her response. he said.

Aboud did not turn a deaf ear to what is happening on the web and said “no one can decide on the subject of the appeal in place of FIFA. “says the Fennecs communication manager. Finally, Bey-Aboud ended his intervention on a very clear note, “we can neither give false hopes nor deprive the public of dreaming, the procedure of FIFA is in progress, personally, if no information is released on April 21 is that the Zurich body is seriously studying the Algerian file. he said.

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