Algeria-Cameroon: FIFA has delivered its verdict

FIFA has given an initial response which seems negative concerning the appeal brought by the FAF to contest the scandalous arbitration of the Gambian Bakary Gassama during the return match Algeria-Cameroon on March 29, as part of the play-offs for the qualification for Qatar-2022 World Cup. Faced with the refusal to replay the match, will the FAF find justice with the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) or will it turn the page on this dramatic episode?

Indeed, the FIFA Refereeing Committee indicated that “all the incidents occurring during the match had been carefully examined by the two “video” referees, in accordance with the Laws of the Game and the video assistance protocol at arbitration”, thus implying that the match had taken place according to the rules and that there is no need to replay it as requested by the FAF based on the many questionable decisions of the referee.

“We regret that, according to your assessment, the decisions of the referees could have negatively influenced the course of the meeting”, replied the Commission of the international body to the complaint lodged by Algeria on March 31, in order to contest the arbitration of Gassama, the referee having officiated the return match Algeria-Cameroon, within the framework of the play-offs for the qualification for the next Qatar-2022 World Cup.

Will the FAF seize the CAS?

Faced with this ambiguous and disappointing response, interpreted as a refusal, the FAF could lodge an appeal with the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) as the last legal option to denounce the arbitration of the Gambian Gassama and examine the request previously submitted to FIFA. .

In this same context, it should be noted that Algeria can always appeal to the Ethics Commission, or even to the CAS level. However, this option is not a miracle solution, because, on the one hand, time is running out and on the other hand, it will generate additional expenditure of means and energies without necessarily leading to the result so much hoped for by the Algerians. , i.e. replaying the match.

It should also be remembered that the FAF press release relating to FIFA’s response sparked a lot of reactions on social networks and was relayed by several international media, such as Bein Sports and of RMC Sports. Moreover, the French press agency RMC Sports said that “the FAF withdrew its complaint to the FIFA Disciplinary Committee and preferred to settle for an explanation from the Arbitration Committee concerning the decisions taken by Baray Gassama, after the rejection of his complaint” .

However, the information reported by the Arabic media Ennahar Online, claim that “the FAF would have sent a new correspondence to FIFA in order to have clarifications about the said response, and this, because of the lack of clarity in the press release received and which does not give an explicit response to the request of Algeria”.

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