Algeria-Cameroon match case: quackery is in full swing

While Fifa should study tomorrow the file of the Algeria-Cameroon match, before pronouncing its verdict in a few weeks, charlatanism is in full swing. People without credibility dare to sell dreams to the Algerians, to make them believe that the match will supposedly be replayed, since the complaint of the FAF is “supported by evidence”.

As everyone knows, the Algerian football federation lodged an appeal with Fifa the day after the match in question. A new request was made by the FAF this week, following the recommendations of its legal advisers. But since the end of the Algeria-Cameroon match, there hasn’t been a day without people coming out of nowhere announcing that they have proof of the corruption of the Gambian referee, Bakary Gassama.

Some even dare to speak to Gianni Infantino in Doha, on the sidelines of the World Cup draw. While others demonstrate at FIFA headquarters to, as they say, carry the voice of Algeria.

If some do it in all sincerity, others only aim to create a buzz and suddenly, to have the maximum number of views on their videos shared through the various social networks, synonymous with lower advertising. costs.

Among these people, we can cite the controversial journalist, Aref Mechakra, who has not ceased to announce that he has in his possession files proving pell-mell the corruption of referee Bakary Gassama.

There are also Egyptian journalists who have stepped up to the plate, among others, a certain Maher Genina, who said that a sound recording of one of the referees of the Algeria-Cameroon match was intercepted and that would hear a discussion about a sum of money that would have been paid to him from the account of a company belonging to a president of an African federation. It turned out later that it was just a bluff, no more and no less.

Finally, it was the turn of OMSAC (World Anti-Corruption Security Organization) to throw a stone into the pond, denouncing corruption during the famous match in question. An NGO which is allegedly located in Geneva and chaired by the Algerian Mourad Mazar and which has no address or telephone number.

What Algerians need to know

In conclusion, what all Algerians should know is that the meeting of the Fifa Disciplinary Committee should above all sanction the FAF following the incidents (throwing chairs and projectiles) at the Mustapha Tchaker stadium during of the Algeria-Cameroon match.

The first instance of national football understood a little late, that it was with the arbitration committee that it was necessary to act, for lack of material evidence of possible corruption. This is the reason why she quickly made a request for her case to be processed by the Fifa arbitration committee.

The international body should deal with Algeria’s file tomorrow, before pronouncing the verdict. It is clearly not necessary to build too many hopes in the state of things and especially avoid listening to those who want to take advantage of the vicious arbitration of Gassama to make a name for themselves.

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