Algeria emerges victorious and ambitious from the World Athletics Championships

After the 2012 Olympic Games which were marked by the historic victory of the Algerian athlete, Toufik Makhloufi, Algeria was content with this success and was long absent from the podiums of the Olympic disciplines.

A scarcity that seems about to dissipate with the emergence of young athletes who are promised a bright future. To begin with, the 2022 Mediterranean Games were an opportunity for Algerian athletes to compete against their international counterparts. A rather successful mission following the 4th place which Algeria inherited on the general classification of the competition.

Then, during the World Championships of Athletics, the Algerian athletes gave satisfaction and allowed to dream big for the next deadlines with the second place of the Athlete, Djamel Sedjati. The latter returned to Algeria’s participation in the world event and declared, “we are satisfied with the result we obtained in Eugene. We are in a new dynamic, that of success. he says.

Sedjati was determined to continue her magnificent performances and said, “We are aiming for a performance in line with her at the next World Cup in Hungary and for the Olympiad in Paris. he added to the microphones of the Algerian press after his return from the United States where he participated with his compatriots in the World Athletics Championships.

Is this the return of Algerian Athletics?

Since the coronation of Makhloufi in London, 10 years ago, Algeria seems to be an orphan in this discipline.
This is what the vice-world champion in the 800 meters category wanted to talk about, “we are very happy to reach this stage and to raise the Algerian flag at the top of the events. We will continue to make efforts to still be present at these summits. he declares.

As a reminder, Djamel Sedjati won the silver medal in the 800 meters final of the World Athletics Championships in Eugene on American soil. His compatriot, Slimane Moula, was 5th in the standings in the same final.

Algeria collected 11 points following these two performances and decreed the 34th place of the event. A satisfaction for the two Algerian athletes despite the absence of gold medals, this is what would be the goal of these athletes during the next deadlines.

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