Algeria – Italy: Draghi talks about a new energy project

An agreement was signed in April 2022 between Algeria and Italy, relating to the increase of gas imports via the TransMed/Enrico Mattei gas pipeline. However, this meeting between the two countries has obviously yielded other results.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said in a speech at the last Italian Senate that Algeria and Italy both represent an important center for the production of electricity from gas but also from other renewable energy resources. This same official emphasized promising investments, according to him, which will bring the two countries closer together very soon.

The same source said that this meeting with Algeria was not only intended to increase the supply of Algerian natural gas “but also to invest in increased production of renewable energy”, he said. underline. Mario Draghi also addressed in his speech the results of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia while insisting on “the need to diversify and invest in new sources of renewable energy.”

In addition, the Italian Prime Minister declared during the same intervention that the agreement signed in April 2022 with Algeria “is on the right track” and provides for a strengthening of the development of renewable energies, innovative technologies with low carbon emissions. carbon and electricity transmission projects between Algeria and Italy.

Previously, Mario Draghi mentioned another fruit of his last visit to Algeria, in particular the electricity export project to Italy. Indeed, Algeria plans to build an undersea electric cable whose length will be 270 km and linking Annaba to Sicily. Construction of this cable will be undertaken at the same time as that of the gas pipeline which will link Algeria to Italy (Sicily) via Tunisia, called the Transmed-Enrico Mattei gas pipeline. In short, it is a question of responding to the many requests from Italy to guarantee, in particular, a supply of electricity with sufficient continuity. A project that should be awarded to the Sonelgaz group, which plans to produce 22,000 MW of “green” electricity, from renewable resources, by 2023.

An agreement to supply Italy with Algerian gas

As a reminder, in Algiers, on Monday April 11, 2022, in the presence of Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, the President of the Sonatrach group, Toufik Hakkar, and the CEO of Eni, Claudio Descalzi, signed an agreement through which Eni will increase gas imports through the TransMed/Enrico Mattei gas pipeline. And this, under the terms of the long-term gas supply contract.

For its part, in a press release made public on its Facebook page, the Sonatrach group indicated that the agreement concluded with the Italian company Eni “allows to accelerate the development of natural gas production projects, by combining the efforts of the two companies, and to increase the volumes of gas exported by using the available capacities of the Enrico Mattei gas pipeline (Transmed). “.

“This agreement also allows the two companies to set the levels of natural gas selling prices, in line with market conditions, for the 2022-2023 financial year in accordance with the contractual price revision clauses”, explains Sonatrach.

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