Algeria returns to the conflict in Ukraine with the UN

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is still topical and has impacted the whole world economically speaking but also in terms of geopolitics. It is in this context that Algeria has taken a position vis-à-vis a eventual peace and pleaded for “respect for the fundamental rules and principles of international humanitarian law” without any discrimination in the face of human suffering.

It is in this context that Nadir Larbaoui, Permanent Representative of Algeria to the United Nations spoke at the extraordinary session of the United Nations General Assembly, held Thursday in New York in the context of a statement explanation of Algeria’s vote on the Franco-Mexican draft resolution.

Algeria has asked the Security Council to do its duty with regard to the maintenance of international peace and security. According to him, Algeria is concerned about the current situation in Ukraine, and the repercussions that this conflict could have on respect for international humanitarian rights, more specifically those of the 1949 Geneva Convention.

He stressed that Algeria attaches enormous importance to the United Nations Charter and the rules surrounding it, which should ensure respect for international obligations and guarantee security. The official also added the need to step up diplomatic steps in order to put an end to this humanitarian crisis, supporting the need for the establishment of dialogue and negotiation in order to calm the situation and establish some stability.

Algeria also stresses the importance of intensifying diplomatic efforts to put an end to the current humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and reiterates its support for efforts aimed at easing tensions through dialogue and negotiation, the only way to resolve the crisis and stop the bloodshed and take charge of the tragic humanitarian aspects, without discrimination in the care of human suffering, in order to ensure the security, safety and stability of the countries and peoples of the region . “, he concluded.

A first assessment of the war falls after a month

It has already been a month since the conflict broke out in Ukraine and the toll has already been announced. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense announced on Wednesday March 23 that 15,600 Russian soldiers had been eliminated since the start of the invasion. Russia for its part has not communicated any results since March 2, and had announced that day 498 soldiers killed.

With regard to Ukrainian soldiers, according to the said country, 1,300 soldiers were killed, according to the figures announced on March 12. Russia, for its part, announces 2,870 Ukrainian soldiers killed between February 24 and March 2.

As far as civilians and a precise human toll are concerned, this is not possible given the very delicate situation. The Ukrainian authorities have not announced an official count at the national level, but the local institutions evoke the balance sheet over the days which report at least 3000 dead civilians. Nevertheless, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Ukraine counts 977 Ukrainian civilians killed, including 81 children, since February 24 until Wednesday March 23.

Regarding the refugees who fled the country, more than 3.6 million people were counted on March 23, 2022. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees specifically mentions 3,626,546 refugees, 90% of whom are women and girls. children.

For the cities affected, the city of Kherson remains the only one entirely monopolized by the Russians. Kharkiv, in the northeast, was also affected, as were Mariupol and Mykolaiv. kyiv, the capital is quant. to her partially encircled.

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