Algerian team: friendlies and reinforcements, Belmadi’s plans

The Algerian team will soon return to the field and will give an appointment to its fans to hope to sweep away the failures of the previous deadlines. The teammates of the Algerian captain, Riyad Mahrez, enter the running against the Ugandan selection on behalf of the CAN 2023 qualifiers.

After this first home match, the Fennecs will face the Tanzanian team to close the first international window which will be an opportunity for the Algerian public to see the performances of Belmadi’s men in their new home. However, the next FIFA date is not only to try to obtain a qualifying ticket for the 2023 African Cup for the Algerian coach Djamel Belmadi.

The first person in charge of the technical bar of the greens reveals the direction to be taken for his next mandate at the head of the Algerian team. Indeed, the Algerian sports press announces that coach Belmadi wishes to face a world-class team during the next FIFA window, enough to have an idea of ​​the current level of the Algerian selection and to try to stay in contact with the elite. international soccer.

Belmadi would like to gauge the level of his players against heavy artillery from this month of June. A mission which will first go through an agreement between the Algerian football federation and the various potential opponents who would have a space on their calendar to play a friendly match.

According to the Algerian press, a confrontation with a team from Latin America would not displease Djamel Belmadi, the names of Venezuela and Colombia are relayed with great insistence. In search of a new breath that would give wings to the Algerian team, Belmadi is moving up a gear and ticking the name of a great selection in his line of sight for the next stage of reconstruction which promises to be an essential necessity. However, Belmadi would not only have this confrontation on these small papers.

A vast construction site

If quality friendlies are an important asset to improve the performance of the team, the players are nonetheless in the quest to regain the heights of continental football. According to the Algerian tabloids, the coach, Djamel Belmadi, draws from the local championship to refine the next list of selected players.

The names of certain players from the Entente de Sétif are expected to appear in the ranks of the Algerian selection for the next match against Uganda on June 4 and Tanzania on June 8. Indeed, ESS striker Riyad Benayad, his compatriot Kendouci Ahmed and Athletic Paradou striker Nadir Benbouali would be well positioned to join the Algeria team soon. Selections that would redistribute the cards within the workforce of the Greens who would experience a youthful blow gradually.

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