Algerian team: the FAF reveals the potential opponents in friendly

After the faultless men of the Algerian coach, Djamel Belmadi, during the last international window, the next stage of the Fennecs is preparing slowly.

Despite an early elimination from CAN 2022 and non-qualification for the 22nd edition of the World Cup, the Algerian team does not lose its aura on the international level and continues to be requested for appointments. friendlies against renowned selections.

Following the latest statements from coach Belmadi about the potential opponents of the Algerian team during the month preceding the World Cup, confirmation comes from the communication officer within the Algerian Football Federation, Salah Bey-Aboud.

During a telephone intervention on the airwaves of Algerian radio, Bey-Aboud announced that “the Italian, Croatian and Belgian selections would see themselves facing the Algerian selection. he said. Salah Bey-Aboud indicated that contacts have been made with the respective federations of these selections, “we cannot give more details for the moment. But we have received proposals from federations who want their teams to face our national team. he adds.

In addition to the interest of the Belgian selection, the Swedish selection or that of Italy to organize a friendly match against the Algerian team, the Croatian selection is added to the list of European selections wishing to challenge the Greens.

However, the communication officer of the FAF, Salah Bey-Aboud, gave an indication as to the choice of the next opponent of the Algerian team in friendly, “the final decision of the choice of the identity of the selection which will face the national selection goes to the coach, Djamel Belmadi. “He explains this Friday on the airwaves of Algerian radio.

Determined to bring his men back to the heights of international football, coach Belmadi will have the opportunity to gauge the level of his players against a selection of the highest standing in the world.

Italy, Belgium or Croatia… the opponents differ and the goal remains the same

In his quest to put the Algerian team back on the world football stage, the Algerian coach shows the direction to take during his second term at the head of the Greens.

Indeed, after the two matches of the inaugural day of the qualifiers for the next final phase of the African Cup of Nations scheduled for 2023, the Algerian coach indicated that a friendly meeting would not be too much for him and his men. A will satisfied by the match organized in Doha against the Iranian team, leader of the FIFA ranking of the Asian zone.

A meeting which demonstrated the solidity of the teammates of the captain, Ismail Bennacer, despite the massive reshuffling of the Algerian starting 11. The positive result against the globalist team of Iran allowed the Algerian players to regain confidence and to cut ties with the dark times of the beginning of the year 2022. Facing the next European adversaries, the Greens will have the opportunity to measure up to the gratin of world football.

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