Algerian team: towards the end of the adventure for 10 players?

After the failure of March 29, it’s time to say goodbye to the Algerian team. The Algerian coach, Djamel Belmadi, has opted for a rejuvenation of his workforce for the start of his second term at the head of the technical bar of the Greens.

The bad season of FC Metz goalkeeper Alexandre Oukedja ended in the non-convocation in the Algerian selection. Oukedja never managed to dislodge the essential Rais M’bolhi and, moreover, lost his starting place in the formation of the Messin club. Which necessarily impacted my decision of coach Belmadi.

Taulier of the Algerian defense, Djamel Benlamri, seems to be far from the plans of coach Belmadi for the next deadlines. A free agent since his brief stint in Qatar, the former center of JS Kabylie is struggling to regain his usual level.

Another player expected to jump ship from the Greens is Mahdi Tahrat. The 2019 African champion, and despite the many entries into play with the Algerian team, never established himself definitively in the 11th type of Belmadi. The 32-year-old player would therefore turn the page of the Algerian selection by counting 15 selections in the first team and 4 with the A prime.

For the first two days of the qualifying phase for CAN 2023, coach Belmadi dismissed midfielder Adlène Guedioura. Despite his performances in English D3, international retirement for the player is getting closer and closer. Guedioura will have marked his passage in the national team, he who was the safe bet in the Algerian midfield.

In line with Guedioura’s performances, Sofiane Feghouli should bow out soon. Age seems to be right on the combativeness and dedication of the former captain of the Greens. With 19 goals in 76 selections, the Galatasaray player will have accomplished one of the most prolific careers with the Algerian selection.

The selection too much for these players?

Promised to be the next generation in the Algerian midfield, Haris Belkabla and Farid Boulaya should experience the same growth in the Algerian team. The two midfielders had no flashes that would allow them to hope to win a place in the national 11. Counter-performances that would not be at the service of these promising players.

Promises, Yacine Brahimi will have kept them in the Algerian selection. A true master of the game for much of his international career with the Greens, the former FC Porto player should not exceed his 60 selections with the Algerian first team. The winger of the Al Rayyan club has been relegated to the background since the revelation of Youcef Belaïli.

Coach Belmadi gives a definitive sign as to the continuation of the career of certain players with the Algerian team. The Algerian coach did not count on Al Saad striker Baghded Bounedjah for the second time since CAN 2021. The scarcity of goals was probably the main reason for his gap despite his role in the Fennecs scheme . His replacement during the last training camp of the Algerian team, Ishak Belfodil, should take the same path as his predecessor.

The Hertha Berlin striker will end his international career with 2 goals with the Algerian team. Between a prolific end of career and multiple missed opportunities, Belmadi’s list for the next gathering of the Greens inaugurates the second term of the Algerian technician. A mandate that takes the fabric of youth and which aims to regain the African summits.

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