Algerian team: when a French columnist attacks Aouar

The soap opera Houssam Aouar continues to make people talk on both sides of the Mediterranean. After the rumors that evoke an alleged launch of administrative procedures on the part of the player to change his sporting nationality, the international future of the Olympique Lyonnais midfielder is on everyone’s lips in France.

This time, it is the turn of the former French international, Jérôme Rothen, to raise the subject. Indeed, during his last media outing on the show “Rothen s’enflamme” the former Paris Saint-Germain player first analyzed the choice of Aouar, “at the start, and for sporting matters, Houssam Aouar has chosen to wear the colors of the France team. he says at first before adding in a warning tone, “don’t be ashamed to say it; in today’s world of football, an international who plays for a European team is better valued than another international who plays with a team from the African continent. he adds.

In line with these declarations, Jérôme Rothen criticizes the OL player for an unassuming and risky initial choice, “when you do all your training in France, when you play for the French team in the younger categories and when you change your decision after a friendly selection, your choice cannot be considered assumed. he explains.

The former PSG midfielder did not take half measures and clearly suspected the turn that the 23-year-old’s international future is taking, “if he had thought of opting for the Algerian selection, he would already be there, he could have won the African Cup with the Greens. » he said before concluding his intervention on the following note: « you have to go to the end of your choice and assume it. he finally said.

Between France and Algeria, the problem is perhaps elsewhere?

Dissecting the potential choice of Houssam Aouar as to his future on the international level, the guests of the program broadcast on RMC Sport highlighted a detail which could explain Aouar’s possible approach, “currently , the level of Houssam Aouar stagnates, this player does not progress and displays a certain sufficiency, even a decline and a drop in level. He no longer lives up to the hopes placed in him. we hear one of the show’s guests say.

With 8 goals and 4 assists in 45 games with the Rhone team of Olympique Lyonnais, Houssam Aouar has had one of the least prolific seasons in his young career. Statistics that another guest of the program “Jérôme ignites” analyzes in the following way by making the link with his potential arrival in the Algerian team, “such a choice in the middle of a player’s career shows mental weakness. Aouar does not seem to have the desire to fight to earn his place in the France team. he said.

The waltz of criticism against Houssam Aouar did not stop at this stage, this last guest adds, “if it turns out that Aouar has opted for a change of sporting nationality, it is a admission of dazzling failure. It would even show the big European clubs who are courting him that he is not ready for the high level and that he would favor the easy slopes. he adds.

In the hubbub of speculation around the international future of the 23-year-old player, the main interested party, Houssam Aouar, is eagerly awaited for an announcement that would put an end to the media enthusiasm for him.

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