Algeria’s appeal to Fifa: the minister finally breaks the silence

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Abderrazak Sebgag, finally comes out of his silence. From Annaba, he talks about the appeal brought by the Algerian Football Federation to Fifa about the vicious arbitration of Bakary Gassama during the Algeria-Cameroon match, as part of the play-offs for the next World Cup in Qatar.

As everyone knows, the national team was wronged by referee Bakary Gassama. Author of a scandalous arbitration and refusing to use the VAR in suspicious actions, he influenced the result of the meeting. The Algerians’ anger towards the Gambian international referee, which makes him bear a large part of the responsibility for the failure. An appeal was immediately introduced by the Algerian football federation to Fifa in order to recover its rights.

After having disappeared since the last match against Cameroon, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Abderrazak Sebgag, finally breaks the silence. Present in Annaba for an inspection visit of the stadium on May 19, 1956, the minister gave a statement to the media present. He speaks in particular of the appeal lodged by the FAF with FIFA.

“The Algerian national team was the victim of vicious arbitration during the return match against Cameroon. Arbitration errors in full view of everyone. Faced with this situation, the Algerian Football Federation appealed to Fifa. We hope that the latter wins our case and decides in our favor,” he said straight away.

A concrete case

Continuing his statement, the Minister of Youth and Sports affirms that the Algerian Football Federation relied on several elements in its file for the appeal lodged with Fifa.

“The FAF left nothing to chance. She lodged an appeal with a concrete file, where all the elements are found which prove that our national team was indeed the victim of arbitration errors. The international body will study our appeal and I hope that it will decide in our favour. Frankly, from what I have seen, our national team has been really aggrieved,” he said.

The international body is studying the file, while waiting to pronounce a verdict on April 21. It remains to be seen now whether the FAF will win their case after being the victim of unfair arbitration by the Gambian Bakaru Gassama.

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