Algiers: the lice epidemic invades schools

Many schools across the capital are witnessing an invasion of lice that have invaded the heads of students, sowing confusion among parents, who have entered into a confrontation against this insect known for its speed of transmission and spread. Lice, these days, have spread strongly in many schools in Algiers, particularly affecting primary school students.

According to teachers, students noticeably scratch their heads. The circle of carriers of these parasites began to expand both in boys and in girls. This was also noticed by some parents in homes, which put them on alert to deal with lice. This is called a contagious epidemic which is transmitted by direct contact between children.

According to specialists, these parasites reproduce vigorously, and the female gives birth to about 300 eggs per month, which is equivalent to 10 eggs per day. Therefore, they spread quickly and cannot live for more than two days away from human hair, which is where these parasites thrive.

What are lice?

Lice are epidemics that spread through lack of hygiene. When registering cases in children, it is advisable to isolate those infected by this epidemic, confine them at home and prevent them from having any contact with the rest of the students, until they receive treatment. The latter, sold in pharmacies, consists of using a special lotion against lice. With the need to wash the clothes of students in water, the temperature of which is not lower than 60 degrees.

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Children between the ages of 3 and 11 are the most affected by this unpleasant and tenacious nuisance. These lice, equipped with powerful claws, cling to the hair and feed on the blood they suck up by biting the scalp.

The symptoms are well known, itching with, often, scabs from superinfection and risk of dermatosis which is a superficial bacterial skin infection. The collaboration of parents is therefore essential for the prevention and control of head lice. How wise it would be for the services concerned to carry out awareness campaigns in schools, in order to put an end to the spread of this epidemic which can affect all students.

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