An Algerian Olive Oil Stands Out in Italy

Algerian olive oil is a product that is the pride of our country. The quality offered by producers recognized throughout the world and who manage to distinguish themselves in numerous competitions against the best, at the international level.

This is the case of an Algerian olive oil brand, which accumulates distinctions and prizes. Barely a few days after being announced, this brand has already won the JOOP competition in the Asian continent, more precisely in Japan, winning the gold medal in the “monovarietal” category. Algerian olive oil, Dahbia, announces on its Facebook page that it has been awarded this time in Italy. “Dahbia olive oil is once again very happy to share with you its new Gold medal obtained today in one of the countries renowned as strongholds of Olive Oil in the World – Italy “. Can we read on their Facebook post which dates from May 21, 2022.

On this same press release, the olive oil brand Dahbia, the team of the latter affirms that it “continues to distinguish itself in the biggest international competitions”, to “wear high the colors of Algeria”. and to be able to offer its customers one of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world.

It should also be noted that this Algerian brand of olive oil was also awarded in Dubai.

30 liters of olive oil consumed per Algerian household

Algerians consume an average of 30 liters of olive oil per year and per household and this study presented in Algiers last March, which was carried out by the Immar Maghreb Institute and the PwC Cabinet in the continuity of the PASA program, launched by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in partnership with the European Union (EU).

This study was made with Algerians living in Algeria and abroad. 1,737 live in Algeria and 317 people abroad, 78% of whom live in Europe, 12% in Canada and 10% in the United States, which gives a broader view of consumption according to the inhabited territory.

Still according to this study, the Algerian diaspora consumes olive oil with an average of 10 liters per person per year. While Algerians residing on the national territory are more likely to direct their consumption towards other vegetable oils.

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