Anti-covid fight: Numidia Lezoul responds to its detractors

The fight against the coronavirus that Algeria is currently waging has pushed certain artists and personalities to become opinion leaders in these times of crisis.

Indeed, solidarity campaigns and fundraising have benefited from enormous media coverage. Social networks have been bombarded with publications on the aid provided by the Algerian diaspora, the contribution of economic actors as well as that of civil society. Without Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, these initiatives would never have been so successful.

However, we cannot mention social networks without mentioning “influencers”, in particular the Algerian actress and singer Numidia Lezoul, who stood out for her commitment and charitable actions during this pandemic. It should be remembered that the latter played a major role in the dissemination and promotion of the kitty launched by the Algerian Medical Network collective. Thanks to its many subscribers and its power of influence, Numida Lezoul participated in the success of this initiative which made it possible to provide health structures with medical equipment.

The influencer responds to her detractors

In addition to her role in the promotion of this kitty, the young actress collaborates permanently with local associations in order to distribute the various aids to the people most affected by this pandemic. Thus, the young actress to spend her own money for the purchase of medical equipment including oxygen concentrators.

By sharing photos and videos of these charitable actions and her travels via her social networks, including Instagram, the influencer has been widely attacked and criticized by Internet users who blame her for showing everything. For the latter, charitable actions must be carried out discreetly without shouting it from the rooftops.

However, Numidia Lezoul is not of the same opinion. The latter did not hesitate to qualify her detractors as “bad tongues”, while specifying that sharing her initiatives on social networks will push people to adopt the same behavior. According to the influencer who tends to communicate with her community on all subjects, charitable actions must be put forward in order to encourage others to join and participate in turn in these solidarity campaigns.

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