At the end of the contract with Naples: what if Ghoulam will rebound in Serie A?

At the end of the contract, Faouzi Ghoulam will leave SSC Naples at the end of the current season. While the Italian media are considering a possible end to the player’s career due to the repeated injuries he suffered in the last four seasons, he could finally bounce back to another club after receiving a few offers.

A few days ago, the Italian media announced the departure of Faouzi Ghoulam from SSC Napoli at the end of the current season. The management of the Neapolitan club will not renew his contract which will expire next June and has already begun to prepare for the departure of his left side, targeting players to replace him. It was predictable because of the nasty injuries suffered by the Algerian international for the past four seasons.

The same Italian media also reported a possible end to the career of the 31-year-old Algerian international (37 caps, 5 goals). “Ghoulam could make an important decision at the end of the season. He could quit football. The physical problems in recent years have never been completely recovered by the Algerian footballer”, revealed the Italian media Naplicalcio a few days ago.

Udinese or Genoa to bounce back?

What if Faouzi Ghoulam will bounce back to another Italian Serie A club? An eventuality which cannot be ruled out insofar as the Algerian has touches with some clubs which are interested in hiring him during the next summer transfer window.

According to the Italian media Il Matino, the name of the left side trained at AS Saint-Etienne is already associated with two Italian formations. It is, in fact, Udinese and Genoa. Two teams that play supporting roles in Serie A, of course, but they could allow the player to bounce back and relaunch his career.

According to the Italian media, Ghoulam also has touches with other European clubs. Master of his destiny, he will take his time to study the various offers he has received, before deciding on his future destination, opting for a club that will give him the chance to play regularly and why not. , regain his best level after having lived through hell for the past four seasons due to the curse of injuries, he who was one of the best left-backs in Europe a few seasons ago.

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