Belmadi denounces opportunists and talks about his relationship with Amara

Also during the interview he gave to the official website of the Algerian football federation, national coach Djamel Belmadi denounced certain opportunists within the first instance of national football. He also talks about his relationship with FAF President Charaf-Eddine Amara.

Obviously, the entourage within the Algerian football federation is unhealthy. Opportunists who wish all the misfortune to the national team just for a few small privileges. Djamel Belmadi denounces them during the interview he gave to the official website of the FAF, where he did not hide from expressing his great dismay towards these “enemies of success”.

“There are people who prevent football from progressing, just for their little interest. They are only opportunists whose objective is a bottle of perfume, a trip with the national team or even access to the national technical center of Sidi Moussa… these are privileges like that. All this on the back of the FAF, ”he said.

Still speaking of the opportunists, the national coach adds: “It’s just for their little interest that they wish all the misfortune to the national team. Wretches who are worth nothing. I’ve talked about it before and hopefully I’ll talk about it more in the future.”

He talks about his relationship with Amara

A lot has been said about the relationship between Djamel Belmadi and FAF President Charaf-Eddine Amara. The national coach dots the i’s by saying that their relationship is above all between an employee and his superior, which is based on mutual respect.

“By being the president of the Algerian football federation and my line manager, I have always shown him my great respect. It’s my upbringing and my work ethic. Only, I think he has a little difference in football skills compared to his predecessor Kheireddine Zetchi who comes from football, “he said.

He seized the opportunity to put an end to the rumours, reporting a misunderstanding between the two men who had not spoken to each other for a long time. “I have very good relations with him and contact has never been interrupted between us since the last match against Cameroon. Certainly, we had some differences, but it never went beyond the professional framework. He is someone I greatly appreciate and whom I owe him my great respect. Everything that’s been said about our relationship is a lie. I don’t know why we are spreading such rumors which risk harming Algerian football.

In addition, Belmadi made another revelation, saying that he never asked for Kheireddine Zetchi to remain as FAF president last year. “I say it in front of everyone, I never asked for Zetchi to stay, including during my interview with the President of the Republic. The latter can, moreover, testify to it, ”he will say.

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