Belmadi described as “terrorist”: the Cameroonian media apologizes

The Cameroonian site “Actu-Cameroun” apologized after calling national coach Djamel Belmadi a “terrorist”. He calls for the easing of the tension born around the famous return match of the Algeria-Cameroon play-offs.

The Algeria-Cameroon match took on a great importance which exceeded its sporting framework. Cameroonian media attacked Djamel Belmadi after harshly criticizing the scandalous arbitration of Bakary Gassama. Last Sunday, a Cameroonian journalist, who responds to the name of Sismondi Barlev Bidjocka, threw a stone into the water. On the columns of “Actu-Cameroun”, he called the national coach a “Terrorist”. A media slippage that made the Algerian football federation react.

The latter, published a statement yesterday on its official website, where it condemned the slippage of the media in question which undermines Belmadi, while calling on the wise to calm the spirits between the Algerian and Cameroonian peoples.

This morning “Actu-Cameroun” apologized for the publication published on its site last Sunday May 1st.

The media did not apologize to Belmadi

What you need to know is that the “Actu-Cameroun” site was content to apologize to its readership in its update published this morning, while it was rather Djamel Belmadi who should have been entitled to the media’s apologies after calling him a “terrorist”.

“The editorial staff of Actu Cameroun would like to apologize to all of its readership for the publication of an opinion piece on its platform on Sunday, May 1, 2022”, began the site “Actu-Cameroun ” his development and to add: ” Indeed, the article which relayed the opinion of the journalist Sismondi Barlev Bidjocka, in connection with Djamel Belmadi, coach of the national football team of Algeria, offended the sensitivity of its valued readership.

“Without seeking to clear itself, the editorial staff of Actu Cameroun expresses its deep regret following the publication of this opinion. “, he said. He calls for the easing of tensions born around the Algeria-Cameroon match. “Knowing that no human work is perfect, it recognizes its shortcoming and calls, following the Algerian Football Federation, for the easing of tensions arising around the match Algeria – Cameroon, counting for the play-offs of the Cup World Cup Qatar 2022”.

To conclude, “The editorial staff of Actu Cameroun promises, in the future, to be more rigorous in the choice of opinions relayed on its platform”.

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