Belmadi remains: “I could not turn my back on the Algerians”

In a long exclusive interview given to the official website of the Algerian Football Federation, Djamel Belmadi has finally come out of his silence for about a month, since the return match of the play-offs against Cameroon. An interview in which he announced that he will continue his mission at the head of the Greens. He also touched on other important topics.

After hovering in suspense for several weeks, thus opening the doors to rumors and speculation, particularly through the various social networks, national coach Djamel Belmadi will indeed continue his mission at the head of the Greens. The information leaked yesterday evening, but it was only this morning that it was confirmed by the person concerned himself in an exclusive interview with the official FAF website.

“I was so devastated by our elimination from the next World Cup that I took a long period of reflection before deciding on my future. Whether we like it or not, it remains a failure and suddenly, I was ready to retire in silence. But what weighed in my decision to stay is because all Algerians, including FAF officials, have demanded that I stay on as national coach, despite the disappointment of March 29. In other words, I couldn’t turn my back on the Algerians. I am here and I will continue my mission,” he said.

The national coach made an important clarification about his contract: “I have a contract that expires at the end of the year 2022 and not a goal contract as relayed by some ignorant people”.

“We must create a new dynamic in this national team”

Djamel Belmadi is the man most affected by the elimination of the national team from the next World Cup, but he says that everyone must overcome this great disappointment.

“I was so affected that I remained silent. It’s not easy to see an entire project I signed on about four years ago crumble in mere seconds. It is a great disappointment, of course, but we must quickly overcome it. Place in the future now where important deadlines await us”, he indicated, and added: “As you know, we have a good group which contains enormous potentialities, we just have to create a new dynamic in this national team and I am convinced that we are capable of coming back stronger”.

Now that Djamel Belmadi has officially announced that he will continue his adventure with the Greens, this good news can only delight the Algerians who have demanded so much to keep him, despite the two failures at the CAN and the qualification for the next World Cup. in Qatar.

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