Belmadi returns to Gassama’s arbitration: it’s a “hagar”

During the exclusive interview he gave to the official FAF website, Djamel Belmadi talks about the scandalous arbitration of Bakary Gassama during the return match of the Algeria-Cameroon play-offs. He called it “hagar” after depriving a whole people of the joy of qualifying for the next World Cup.

The day after the Algeria-Cameroon match, Djamel Belmadi met Bakary Gassama at the departure lounge of Algiers airport. The media relayed a verbal clash between the two men, where the national coach lashed out at the Gambian following his vicious refereeing during the said match. “I confess that I did not like seeing this referee (Gassama) sitting comfortably in the halls of Algiers airport the day after the match, having a coffee and a mille-feuille. I did not hesitate to approach him to empty my bag after his vicious refereeing against Cameroon”, says Belmadi, and to add: “I met him again at Istanbul airport where I said the same thing again. It is unacceptable for this referee to deprive a whole people of the joy of qualifying for the next World Cup. He wronged us, he is a “Hagar”, “he said.

Djamel Belmadi sent an indirect message to FAF officials to strike with an iron fist at CAF level so that the national team is not harmed by the referees in the future. “We must never accept this kind of thing again in the future,” he will say.

“Arbitration in Africa is catastrophic”

Belmadi affirms that the African continent is far from the high level at the end of arbitration. “The two important things to settle in Africa are refereeing and infrastructure. Regarding refereeing, we are very far from the top level. I have played in Europe and practiced in Asia, I have never seen outrageous refereeing like the one in Africa. Why has it still not evolved? I do not know. “, he said in his interview.

“In Europe, we are at a level almost zero error. In Asia, the referee has no possibility to do anything. I did several preliminary meetings during competitions in Asia when I practiced in Qatar, and I remember that after a meeting when we went out, we had the impression that nothing can happen so diligent, unforgivable and zero tolerance for the term arbitration. “, he added.

He also claims that officiating in Asia has improved a lot. “Still talking about Asia, corrupt refereeing risks prison with heavy sentence, while permanently removing him from football”

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