Belmadi’s statement, file at FIFA, his future, Amara says it all

The (resigned) president of the Algerian football federation, Charaf-Eddine Amara, granted media statements during the evening yesterday. He had the opportunity to clarify several things and put the dots on the i’s on a few subjects, particularly with regard to the latest statements by Djamel Belmadi which made Fecafoot react, his future or even the file formulated by the FAF. to Fifa regarding the vicious arbitration of Gassama.

From the outset, the president of the FAF speaks of the declaration of Djamel Belmadi during his last media outing, where he shot down the Gambian referee Bakary Gassama in flames. A statement that made the Cameroonian Football Federation react. Through an official press release, she threatens to file a complaint against the national coach with the FIFA Ethics Commission. “The statements of Djamel Belmadi have been misunderstood. The coach never broached the subject of Cameroon, he was just talking about the arbitration which was vicious during our meeting”, he will say, before continuing: “Eto’o is a friend of mine, we don’t do not doubt the honesty of Cameroon during the match. We only talked about arbitration and I tell Eto’o that we must not forget our support for Cameroon’s file to host the last CAN”, Defends Amara Belmadi.

The first man at the first instance of national football evokes the file of the FAF formulated at the arbitration committee of Fifa. “For the moment, we are awaiting a response from FIFA. We have formulated our file and we will see what it will give, ”he reveals. It should be recalled that the international body studied the appeal of the FAF, which was introduced just after the match against Cameroon, on April 21, and should deliver the verdict in a few weeks, but, on the other hand, the FAF did not receive any notification about the case submitted to the Fifa arbitration committee about two weeks ago.

Gone to stay?

After the elimination of the national team from the next World Cup in Qatar, Charaf-Eddine Amara announced his resignation from the presidency of the FAF. A resignation which has still not been recorded. He continues his duties as normally as possible, pending the holding of the next Ordinary General Assembly of the federal office.

“Leave or stay? We will know at the end of the next ordinary general meeting”, he contented himself with saying. It remains to be seen now whether he will complete his term of office or he will give way to another. But according to indiscretions, he would have reconsidered the decision to resign and left for rest.

“Critics don’t matter to me, I only ask that they be objective. “, he concluded.

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