Brest: hailed by coach, will Belaili renew his contract?

Author of a good performance in the last match of his team, Stade Brestois 29, against the FC Metz club, the Algerian international, Youcef Belaïli holds his reference match with the Breton club.

When receiving the red lantern of the French championship, the Algerian winger was able to unlock his goal counter by registering the only achievement of the meeting. A goal that would guarantee the maintenance for the Breton pirates in the court of the elite of French football.

The coach of the Brest team, the Franco-Armenian, Michel Der Zakarian, did not miss the long-awaited opportunity to congratulate the native of Oran once again during the pre-match press conference against in Clermont foot 63. Der Zakarian did not let Belaïli’s goal fool him and pointed out his player’s shortcomings, “In front of Metz, Youcef Belaïli had a good first half, after he went down. He must be more constant in the efforts and the counter-efforts. he explains.

Satisfied, the Brest coach returned to the general performance of his team, “Overall, we had a good game. We had the balls to score a little more. We are very happy to chain another victory, and to move up the standings. As we were almost saved before this match, I wanted to see the players who had less playing time, and they responded. They animated our 4-3-3 well, we were solid, we used the ball well. he says.

The skipper from Brest was pleased with the animation of his team, explaining that, “There was a good animation in the corridors with Irvin (Cardona) and Youcef (Belaïli). he adds.

Expectations are rising for the end of the season, and for the future?

During the press conference preceding the Brest match against Clermont, the coach of the Breton club again encouraged his only scorer against Metz. As usual, Michel Der Zakarian gave an update on the situation of the Algerian international, “Youcef had a very good match, he scored a goal, he also put a good ball to Steve. Technically he was good. When you arrive in a championship that you do not know, the rhythm is different. It is not known at what level he was physically too. he said.

Despite an end to the season without challenges for Youcef Belaïli’s teammates, they are faced with the obligation to accomplish a mission which is in the order of recognition, this is what the Brestois technician, Der Zakarian, affirms, ” We receive twice in a row (Clermont and Strasbourg), and we finish at home against Bordeaux, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the club. It’s time to commune with our supporters who have been there all season. You have to make them happy. The maintenance is mathematically acquired, I hope that the players will be even more liberated in the heads. he finally said.

An atmosphere that will give ideas to the Algerian international as to his future within the club of Brittany. Courted by many clubs in the Gulf, Belaïli, and despite a difficult start in the French championship, has not lost the confidence of his coach, a detail that would weigh in the choice of the winger of the team. Algeria.

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