CAN-2023 qualifiers: Michou confident, Cavalli suspicious

It was during the current week that the draw for the qualifiers for the next African Cup of Nations 2023, which will take place in Côte D’Ivoire, took place. Like all other African nations, Algeria knows its opponents in the qualifiers, where it will face Uganda, Niger and Tanzania.

To begin the adventure of the playoffs, the Greens will face Uganda on the first day, before continuing with a trip to Dar Es-Salem to challenge Tanzania. The first two days will take place between May 30 and May 14. Uganda coach Milutin Sredojevic expects the mission to qualify for the next AFCON to be difficult, but he says he is confident.

“The long wait is finally over. I personally believe that we are in a competitive group and one of the strongest groups. Both Niger and Tanzania have had representation in the group stages of CAF club competitions this season, while Algeria won the Africa Cup of Nations in 2019 and recently won the Arab Cup in FIFA,” he told the Uganda Football Federation (FUFA) on the sidelines of the draw ceremony.

“Michou”, this Serbian technician, knows the Algerian national team of Djamel Belmadi well, after having faced him during the CAN-2021 qualifiers with the Zambian selection. The Greens, despite their slump, are the big favorites on paper to qualify, but the Ugandan coach does not see things the same way. “Algeria are certainly favorites on paper, but in modern football there are no small teams, because the gaps in African football have been reduced. “, and to add:” Algeria has had disappointments recently after missing its CAN and following its elimination from the next World Cup in Qatar”.

distrustful Cavalli

Niger coach Jean-Michel Cavalli also talks about the said draw. In an interview with our colleagues from “Competition”, he says he is suspicious, he who has very bad memories of Algeria after taking two beatings on the way to Blida (6-2) and Niamey (4-1) , during the group stage of the qualifiers for the World Cup in Qatar.

“It’s been my biggest disappointment since I started coaching,” he laments. “In my opinion, you should always be wary of a wounded animal. Algeria remains a great selection in Africa and even at the world level. A selection with a rich workforce that still has a future ahead of it. “, he said.

Being someone close to the Algerians, after having already exercised in our country, Cavalli wishes “to see Niger qualify with Algeria, like that, we will celebrate together”.

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