Constantine: first organ transplant from a dead person in Algeria

The donation of organs from a dead person can save countless lives, and if it has never been done in Algeria, a medical team from the CHU of Constantine has just changed the situation this Thursday, May 26, 2022.

Indeed, according to the young independent media, the liver and the two kidneys of a deceased man were indeed transplanted into three different patients who had been patient for months. Last I heard the patients were very stable and the claws were done successfully. This feat is unprecedented in Algeria because only donations from living people were made until then.

Who was this multidisciplinary team made up of?

The medical team responsible for this act is made up of various specialists from the university hospital center of the wilaya of Constantine.
Different specialists joined forces for the good of this operation and the patients were able to count on specialists in visceral surgery, resuscitation-anaesthesia, medical resuscitation, forensic medicine, emergency doctors but also people from the paramedic.

The team was accompanied by renowned doctors. The first being Professor Lamara if one of the leading liver transplant specialists nationwide. The second is a doctor from the nephrology center of the wilaya of Batna.

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What is the future of these transplants in Algeria?

Even if donations from deceased persons are an excellent alternative to compensate for the lack of organs, there are certain obstacles such as the reluctance of the families of the deceased but also religious beliefs.

Nevertheless, Abderrahmane Benbouzid the Algerian Minister of Health revealed on May 14, 2022, the study of a new bill on organ transplantation. Indeed it was during a day of evaluation of organ, tissue and cell transplantation activities that the project was discussed. The Minister specified that it will be followed by awareness campaigns, with the aim of explaining to families the importance and impact of these donations.

For greater relevance, this campaign will be carried out in alliance with the religious affairs sector, the specialized press and also specialists in the medical field.

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