Council of Ministers of this April 24: the important points to remember

A council of ministers was held this Sunday, April 24, 2022, chaired by President Abdelmadjid Tebboune. The meeting focused on bills and presentations related to the energy, industry, communication, transport, water resources and water security sectors.

After listening to Prime Minister Aimene Benabderahmane’s presentation on the results of government activity over the past two weeks, President Tebboune issued the following instructions:

In the transport sector

Initiate a revision of the prices of air and maritime transport tickets before the summer season, for the benefit of the national community. In a way that stimulates and energizes the trend towards national transport companies.

An immediate solution to all the problems related to the transport of pilgrims.

Review the structural system of Air Algérie, and its operation, according to world standards.

Attach great importance to the professional and social status of Algerian pilots and technicians working in the field of aviation.

In the water resources and water security sector:

Carry out in-depth investigations into the nature of water consumption in all areas, in order to develop a national strategy for production, distribution and consumption.

Intensify the monitoring and follow-up of those involved in water thefts, imposing severe penalties on them.

In the health sector:

Free state sponsorship for 373 children with cellular metabolism and immunodeficiency, in 18 wilayas.

Authorize the central pharmacy to import and distribute drugs and nutritional supplements for this therapeutic category.

The care of people with rare diseases is the responsibility of the State.

In the industrial sector:

Establish a strict regime to benefit from the industrial and agricultural land concession.

More optimal use of existing industrial property and recovery of what is not used, for the benefit of real investors.

In the communication sector:

The promulgation of two separate laws, the first relating to the written and electronic press, the second to the audiovisual sector.

Define precisely the professional journalist in all media disciplines, as well as professions related to the sector.

Pave the way for professionals by involving them in the vision of renewal. And establish a break with the standards of the previous media scene.

Moralize the work of the media, in accordance with international media values ​​and professional ethics.

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