Covid-19 Algeria: the toll of contaminations down on June 18

The latest Covid-19 figures communicated by the Ministry of Health indicate that Algeria has recorded a total balance sheet amounting to 265,971 contaminations, 6,875 deaths and 178,458 recoveries. And this ; since March 2020, i.e. since the appearance of the virus in our country.

The Covid-19 report communicated this Saturday, June 18, 2022, by the services of the Ministry of Health indicates that three (3) new contaminations with Coronavirus, have been identified during the last 24 hours; against four (4) cases reported yesterday. Down slightly from yesterday’s results; daily contaminations remain below the symbolic bar of ten cars per day.

Concerning healings; the department of Minister Benbouzid recorded three (3) new cases of recovery; against four (4) cases of cures yesterday.

The latest Coronavirus figures from the Ministry of Health remain encouraging in relation to deaths and patients in intensive care. For just like the days gone by; the balance sheet for this Saturday does not include any victims swept away following complications linked to Covid-19; nor any patient in intensive care.

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Towards the development of laws to manage the food supplements market in Algeria

On the sidelines of a national conference on food supplements; the President of the Algerian Federation of Pharmacy (FAP), Professor Abdelhakim Boudis, underlined the need for the drafting of laws to ensure the management and organization of the food supplements market.

During his intervention; the President of the FAP indicated that these products are currently subject to the management of the Ministry of Commerce; while their management must depend on three or four Ministries.

In the same sense; Professor Boudis noted the fact that food supplements are sold in pharmacies without being subject to the laws governing other pharmaceutical products. Hence, according to him, the need to develop clear laws for dietary supplements; in order to protect the citizen from their harmful effects and define their uses

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