Covid-19 in Algeria: contaminations on the rise this July 15

For the past few days, the number of Covid-19 contaminations has adopted an upward trend in Algeria. However, figures from the Ministry of Health do not report any deaths.

The Covid-19 report, communicated this Friday, July 15, 2022, by the Ministry of Health, reported thirty-six (36) new cases of Coronavirus contamination, recorded during the past 24 hours, against twenty- eight (28) cases yesterday. Up slightly, the number of cases is approaching the bar of 40 daily cases.

Regarding healings, this Friday’s report indicated that a total of thirteen (13) new cases of healing were recorded. Against nineteen (19) cases reported yesterday. Figures from the Benbouzid department also indicated that three (3) patients are currently in intensive care.

In addition, the news remains encouraging concerning the deaths. Because just like yesterday’s report, the report for this July 15 does not list any deaths; following complications related to Covid-19.

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Rise in Covid-19 cases in Algeria: Dr Melhag delivers his analysis

Speaking on Radio Constantine; Doctor Mohamed Melhag, virology researcher and former laboratory biologist, returned to the increase in cases of Coronavirus in Algeria.

For him, the increase in cases is an inevitable result of the constant evolution and variation of the virus. However, Doctor Mohamed Melhag pointed to the relaxation observed recently in the application of barrier gestures. “We have observed the abandonment of barrier gestures and even the influx of vaccinations”; regretted Doctor Melhag.

During his appearance on the radio, the virology researcher gave his estimates as to the evolution of the epidemic situation. Explaining that Covid-19 contaminations will increase in Algeria, in the same way as contaminations in the world.

Moreover, Doctor Melhag indicated that abroad, the number of contaminations and deaths has increased in France, Italy, Germany and England. Noting, in the same sense, that the Algerian diaspora is strongly present in these European countries.

Relieved, Doctor Melhag explained that the current epidemiological situation remains stable. Because, he continues, to date, we have not recorded any deaths.

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