Covid-19: Pr Djenouhat rules out the possibility of a 5th wave

Since March 2020, the world and Algeria have learned to live and live with the Coronavirus pandemic. For two years the life of the whole world has been turned upside down. But since February 2022, a glimmer of hope has appeared. Indeed, in Algeria, the reports of the number of cases of Covid-19 contamination are in decline. During this month of April 2022, the reports issued by the Ministry of Health relating to the number of cases of Covid-19 contamination reached 0 cases per day, this was for example the case of the reports for Sunday 17, Wednesday April 20 and Saturday April 23, in progress.

Today, Tuesday April 26, 2022, Professor Kamel Djenouhat, President of the Algerian Society of Immunology and Head of Department of the EPH Rouiba central laboratory, confirmed that the Coronavirus epidemic is on the way to disappearing in Algeria, excluding by the same occasion the occurrence of a fifth wave.

Pr Djenouhat talks about herd immunity

The visiting professor on National Radio, said that Algerians have acquired herd immunity thanks to the Omicron variant, which has infected more than 93% of Algerians, according to the study carried out at Rouiba hospital. attributed the decrease in the number of Covid-19 infections to the policy adopted by the health sector, which helped to achieve herd immunity in a natural way.

Noting that for more than a month, Algeria has been experiencing a significant drop in the number of Coronavirus infections, and that cases have become almost non-existent.

The president of the Algerian Society of Immunology and head of the central laboratory EPH Rouiba, was also surprised by the position of certain European countries which still classify Algeria in the orange category, despite the improvement of the epidemiological situation. compared to some other countries.

As part of his speech, Professor Djenouhat indicated that “contrary to what has been circulating, the variants that have appeared in certain countries, in particular in Europe, do not cause concern and do not present any danger, which is reassuring and carries to believe that this epidemic is about to disappear in Algeria and in the world. »

Djenouhat also stressed that he does not expect a fifth wave, especially since the herd immunity which was acquired naturally will remain effective for more than 6 months, compared to the vaccine immunity which only effective for 4 months. Despite this, he explained that “we must learn from what happened in the last waves by preparing for any emergency”.

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