Covid-19: where is the epidemic situation in Algeria?

The COVID 19 pandemic has hit the whole world hard, and despite a rather stabilized situation, some variants are emerging and many countries remain on their guard.

It is in this context that many specialists speak about the real end of this pandemic and several of them believe that it is impossible to predict the end of it. Indeed the director general of prevention at the Ministry of Health Djamel Fourar wanted to put things into perspective in the face of the more global and global situation and the state in other countries by specifying “that it is not possible to determine when will be the end of the COVID 19 pandemic”.

He also stressed the importance of remaining vigilant, despite a marked improvement in the health situation. He called during the official commemoration of World Hand Hygiene Day in the Wilaya of Boumerdès for the maintenance of the various security measures.

Indeed, despite a very significant stabilization, several variants of COVID 19 are emerging but are still less virulent. This is what Dr. Akhamouk, a member of the Scientific Committee for monitoring the coronavirus epidemic and head of the infectious diseases department at Tamanrasset hospital, said that they are less and less dangerous. He even said on Radio de Sétif on March 4, 2022 to be “optimistic more than ever, about an end to the Covid-19 pandemic, in Algeria. »

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Moreover, he said during an interview with Radio Constantine that Algeria recorded figures that we have not seen in other countries, demonstrating control and improvement of the situation.

Minister speaks on the impact of the pandemic

This COVID 19 pandemic has had an impact on the entire world population, whether on the economy, physical or psychological health.

The Minister of Health Abderrahmane Benbouzid returned to the latter during the opening of the activities of the National Conference on Mental Illnesses this Thursday, May 5, 2022. Indeed, he explained that the World Health Organization (WHO) developed a program to assist psychologically and socially individuals in different countries.

As a reminder, the WHO had drawn up a global plan aimed at developing their national mental health strategies for the years 2013-2017, and Algeria has adopted a national plan: that of 2017-2020 which is still in the process of being implementation despite the various obstacles due to the delays caused by the pandemic.

This intervention underlines the extent of the consequences that this virus has had, which goes beyond the physical health of individuals.

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