Crisis Algeria – Morocco: when Mohammed 6 plays the card of appeasement

As the global economic crisis persists; the King of Morocco Mohammed 6 is playing the appeasement card with Algeria at the bottom of an unprecedented diplomatic crisis.

On the occasion of a speech marking the anniversary of his accession to the throne, Mohammed 6, against all odds, called for the normalization of relations between Algeria and Morocco; marked for more than a year by a total rupture.

“Once again, I emphasize that the borders that separate Moroccans and brotherly Algerians will never be barriers preventing their interaction and understanding,” he said.

Continuing on the same path, Mohammed 6 called on Moroccans to preserve the spirit of solidarity, fraternity, and good neighborliness with regard to his “Algerian brothers”.

Algeria – Morocco: Mohammed 6 evokes a plot

During the same speech, the King of Morocco mentioned a plot aimed, according to him, at destabilizing relations between Algiers and Rabat; by indirectly accusing the foreign hand.

“Allegations that Moroccans insult Algeria and Algerians are the work of irresponsible individuals who go to great lengths to sow discord between the two brotherly peoples,” he said.

“These slanders of Moroccan-Algerian relations are totally senseless and sincerely revolting. As far as we are concerned, we have never allowed and we will never allow anyone to harm our brothers and neighbours,” Mohammed 6 added.

These new unexpected statements by Mohammed 6 come at a time when Morocco is going through an energy crisis, aggravated in its last weeks by an internal political conflict. An internal collision caused mainly by the worsening of the king’s state of health. Does the Makhzen play its last cards? What would Algiers’ reaction be? Time will tell us.

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