Date Aid Al-Adha: the international center of astronomy decides

With the approach of Aïd El Adha, the Algerians are multiplying the preparations; waiting for the official announcement of the date of the feast of the sacrifice. Indeed, in recent days, several institutes working in the field of astronomy have set the date for this Muslim occasion.

It is the turn of the international center of astronomy to announce the first day of Eid El Adha. Indeed, in a statement made public on Twitter, the CIA indicated that according to scientific and astrological studies, the first day of Dhu al-Hijjah coincides with June 30, 2022, in several countries.

Therefore, the International Center for Astronomy, located in Dubai; also announced that the day of Arafat is set for Friday, July 8. This means that the first day of Eid El Kbir will fall on July 9, 2022.

As a reminder, this date has already been confirmed by several establishments. Starting with the Egyptian Institute of Geophysical and Astronomical Research. Indeed, reported by “Echarq El-Awsat”, the head of this establishment, Professor Jad El-qadi, has already announced this news, on June 15th.

For its part, the Muslim theological council established in France, also shared the results of his astrological calculations. In addition, this one also revealed the date of the first day of the festival of the sacrifice; scheduled for Saturday, July 9.

Hauts-de-France: establishment of a live market for Eid Al-Adha 2022

In France, representatives and associations of Muslim worship are working hard to allow Muslim faithful to celebrate the Aid El Kebir festival in better conditions. Indeed, on this occasion, a live market was set up on June 25 at the Aire des vents in Dugny. And this, in order to allow the Algerian diaspora but also the Muslim community to obtain their sheep; in accordance with trade, environmental and health regulations established by the French government.

Thus, animals dedicated for this occasion, mainly sheep, will be sold there. But not only, the Muslim faithful will also be entitled at slaughter of their sheep at the approved slaughterhouse in Creil. However, for those who cannot travel to this area; these can approach the slaughterhouses of the departments neighboring Creil, in particular Seine-et-Marne, Val d’Oise, Oise, etc.

As a reminder, the French authorities have prohibited the slaughter of sheep outside approved slaughterhouses. Indeed, before giving the animal to the families, the latter must attest, by the note of a sanitary stamp, the animal dedicated to the feast of the sacrifice.

However, failure to comply with these measures involves penalties of up to 15,000 euros and six months in prison.

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