Education sector: teachers protest again

Many teachers gathered at the annex of the Ministry of National Education in Ruisseau to vent their anger following the tragic events of this month of May

Indeed, a gathering of teachers’ unions was formed this Wednesday, May 26, 2021 in Algiers in order to express their anger due to the deterioration of their working conditions and to demand support for teachers of teachers at the interior of the country who suffer from insecurity and wanted to show their support for the teachers attacked in the past weeks in Biskra and Bordj Badji Mokhtar.

Violent repression by law enforcement

The demonstrators deplore the umpteenth presence of the police who have massively, who have carried out the grid of the area, and this, since early in the morning; thus delaying the demonstration and preventing the Protestants from approaching the annex of the ministry, and this by surrounding them. The protest movement finally decided to change location and demonstrate on the Placette de Ruisseau, where the tram station is located.

Improved pay conditions and salary increase

During this event, the teachers sang the national anthem and sang slogans in which they demanded a better salary and expressed their support for the teachers of Bordj-Badji-Mokhtar and Biskra, who themselves suffered attacks in their official housing, in particular by questioning the Minister of Education, Mohamed Ouadjaout, on how the latter would have reacted if his own daughter “found herself in this position”.

The ministry in question has, moreover, spoken about the numerous strikes carried out by the teachers’ unions and says that it is “surprised by the calls launched by certain unions for the organization of protest movements and the boycott of all administrative work and official end-of-year exams” and calls for respect for the summary decree promulgated by the Algiers administrative court on May 24, which prohibits “the organization of sit-ins in front of the Ministry of National Education”.

Despite the pressure exerted by the ministry, the unions have reaffirmed their position and their unshakable will to boycott the courts, demanding directly from the President of the Republic to respond to their requests.

In response to this lack of responsiveness on the part of the competent authorities, the various unions have announced a boycott of administrative activities. However, the boycott of important exams such as the baccalaureate which will take place next month has not yet been decided.

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