El Djazair Beauty, 1st international beauty fair in Algeria

A great first in Algeria! From May 26 to 28, the 1stD edition of the International Salon of Beauty and Well-Being, El Djazair Beauty.

Organized by the company Indigo Audiovisuel & Media, the El Djazair Beauty show will organize conferences, exhibitions, workshops and meetings around the themes of cosmetology, hair products, aesthetic equipment and food supplements over these three days. .

The event will bring together manufacturers, suppliers and buyers of beauty and care products. The expo-sale aspires to become an unmissable annual event for the Algerian and global beauty industry. El Djazair Beauty emphasizes the sharing of know-how in terms of new products and new technologies in the field of beauty.

El Djazair Beauty offers beauty product professionals the opportunity to reach a wide audience. Its marketing campaign incorporates the latest innovations likely to help brands and businesses emerge. The show offers transversal visibility on all of its communication channels as well as a marketing campaign that spans six months.

The objectives of the El Djazair Beauty show

Beyond commercial considerations, the 1D edition of the El Djazair Beauauty exhibition and sale has set itself eight essential objectives:

  1. Develop your network of prospects and optimize the promotion of your brand.
  2. Open the doors of beauty and body care to the general public and to professionals.
  3. Organize meetings between professionals and operators in the beauty sector.
  4. Discover innovative techniques and new ingredients.
  5. Develop a client portfolio at national and international level.
  6. Establish a platform for Algerian and foreign professionals in the sector to create new trade and partnership opportunities.
  7. Strengthen and encourage sharing between participants from different countries.
  8. Promote services and products related to the world of beauty and aesthetics.

Areas covered and associated activities

Cosmetology: beauty and personal care, make-up, perfumery, facial care, oral hygiene, body hygiene, hair products, sunscreen products, nail products, raw material for the manufacture of cosmetics.

Parapharmacy: phytotherapy, aromatherapy, food supplements, intimate hygiene, dermocosmetics, podiatry, hair treatment products.

  • Aesthetic and plastic surgery.
  • Natural and organic food.
  • Alternative and natural medicine.
  • Aesthetic, health and wellness tourism.
  • Equipment and accessories for dermatological clinics and beauty salons.
  • Beauty accessories.
  • Fitness equipment.
  • Training schools specializing in the field of beauty.
  • Press and publishing.

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