Elizabeth Moore Aubin talks about American investments in Algeria

US Ambassador Elizabeth Moore Aubin has confirmed that she will focus on US investment in the industrial and cultural sectors. But also on the strengthening of Algerian-American commercial cooperation; and the strengthening of American investments, particularly in the areas of industry, housing and health. She also mentioned education, ranking it as a priority no less important than other issues for the teaching of English.

During her recent visit to the wilaya of Oran, the American ambassador declared that it is obvious that the United States and Algeria are developing bilateral relations characterized by continuity and dynamics at all levels. Whether these relations are political, economic or humanitarian. Adding, during his meeting with the wali of the wilaya of Oran, Said Sayoud, that his visit to Oran had been preceded by other visits by senior officials of his country to Algeria. These visits aim to promote common values ​​and interests, and to deepen common visions on a set of issues of common interest between the two countries.

Ambassador affirms US support for Algeria’s positions

Elizabeth Moore Aubin, also underlined that the United States supports all of Algeria’s positions, in particular those promoting peace and stability. And this in accordance with the common interests between the two countries, stressing that all the current contexts confirm the success of Algeria in the return of its diplomacy on the international scene.

In addition, American diplomacy has declared that it aspires to strengthen American investments in Algeria, in view of the political will of this country to open up investments to foreigners. By explaining that it will invite American companies to enter the Algerian market; and will work to persuade major investment companies active in the economic sector to visit Algeria soon.

Finally, the Ambassador stressed that the United States considers Algeria a strategic ally and a main platform to the African continent. As evidenced by the fact that his country seeks to achieve a trade exchange with Algeria of around 6 billion dollars by 2025.

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