End of JM Oran-2022: what Minister Sebgag said about the result

The lowering of the curtain for the 19th edition of the Mediterranean Games Oran-2022 will take place this evening. The capital of the West will have hosted the Mediterranean event with dignity, to the great satisfaction of Aziz Derouaz. The Minister of Youth and Sports, Abderrazak Sebgag, meanwhile, said he was also satisfied with the results achieved by the Algerian athletes.

The commissioner of the Mediterranean Games Oran-2022, Aziz Derouaz, hosted a press conference this afternoon. It took place at the international press center (CIP), together with the president of the international committee of JM Davide Tizzano. Responding to various questions from the media present, he said he was satisfied with the progress of the Mediterranean event.

“Despite the few problems that are quite common in this kind of organization, the 19th edition of the Mediterranean Games in Oran was a success of which we can only be proud”. He will say straight away. “Thank God no problem arose. No delegation complained, among other things, about accommodation and catering… all the meetings took place in good conditions. The perfect total does not exist in any organization. But overall I’m satisfied. I believe that the COJM has helped to provide an event that will mark the history of the JM”.

Derouaz took the opportunity to thank “The CIJM and its Executive Board (BE) for their support. Through this joint coordination, we were able to overcome several annoyances”.

MJS congratulates Algerian athletes

In addition, the Ministry of Youth Sports, Abderrazak Sebgag, is fully satisfied with the participation of Algerian athletes during JM Oran-2022. Indeed, he wishes to congratulate them.

“The Minister of Youth and Sports, Abderrazak Sebgag, congratulates all the Algerian athletes following their contribution for a historic participation of Algeria in the Mediterranean Games Oran-2022, by snatching 53 medals in total, synonymous with the 4th place in the standings. The Minister also congratulates all the technical and medical staff who have spared no effort to achieve the feat in the Mediterranean event”. Wrote the MJS in an official statement made public this afternoon.

“The Minister also thanks the citizens of Oran who gave a good image to the city of Oran and who supported our athletes well. He reiterates his confidence and his encouragement to all the athletes for the next deadlines. He added.

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