FAF AGM: Amara’s resignation approved, balance sheets adopted

It was in the air, it’s now official. Charaf Eddine Amara is no longer president of the Algerian Football Federation. His resignation was ratified this morning by the members of the ordinary general meeting. The latter also unanimously adopted the moral and financial reports for the year 2021.

As expected, it was this morning that the ordinary general assembly of the federal office of the Algerian football federation took place. An AGO which took place at the hotel and restaurant school of Ain Benian with the agenda of the ratification of the resignation of President Charaf-Eddine Amara and the adoption of the moral and financial balance sheets.

After the disappointment of March 29, Charaf-Eddine Amara announced his resignation from the presidency of the FAF. But he had carried on with his duties as normally as possible. As expected, it was this morning that the members of the AG endorsed the resignation of the now ex-president of the first instance of national football. Six members of the federal office followed suit.

Now that Charaf-Eddine Amara is officially leaving Dely Brahim’s structure, Secretary General Mounir D’bichi will take over as interim. The latter will manage the affairs of the FAF until the holding of the elective general assembly on July 7 to elect a new president who will succeed Amara.

The moral and financial balance sheets adopted

During the works of the AGO which was held this morning, the members of the AG adopted, unanimously, the moral and financial balance sheets of Charaf-Eddine Amara. If the moral balance sheet was far from expectations, with an elimination from the first round of CAN-2021 and the next World Cup, the balance sheet is cataclysmic.

Amara’s balance sheet showed a staggering budget deficit. Indeed, it contains huge holes and astronomical expenditure, with a 130 billion deficit in 2021 alone.

But the outgoing president presented the lack of income as an argument to justify this deficit. As a result, its financial and moral balance sheet were adopted unanimously by the members of the GA. According to the information that reached us, only Amar Bahloul and Mouldi Aissaoui voted no.

Several recorded verbal altercations

During the ordinary general meeting this morning, several verbal altercations were recorded. Banned from attending the AGO, the president of the JS Saoura Mohamed Zerouati went crazy. Indeed, and when he returned to ESHRA, he attacked the president of the FAF arbitration committee, Mohamed Bechari. But he completely ignored it.

The president of the flagship club of Béchar does not stop there. At the end of the AGO, he clashed verbally with the secretary general of the FAF Mounir D’bichi. The two men almost went to blows, was it not for the intervention of the sages.

The other verbal altercation recorded during the AGO is obviously that between the president of the LFP Abdelkrim Medouar and the ex-member of BF Amar Bahloul. They kept exchanging accusations. And once again, the sages intervene to calm the spirits.

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