FAF: Amara discusses his resignation and the verdict of FIFA

The resigning president of the Algerian football federation, Charaf Eddine Amara, granted statements to the media where he raised several points. He speaks in particular of his resignation as well as the verdict of Fifa about the Gassama affair.

Charaf-Eddine Amara is still holding his resignation, which he announced on March 29 before members of the federal office, following the failure of the national team to qualify for the next World Cup in Qatar. He asserts that his decision is irrevocable. “I have said it many times, I have resigned from the presidency of the Algerian football federation. It will be recorded at the next general meeting and it is up to the members of the GA to accept or reject it. But in my head, I will not go until the end of my mandate. This case is closed,” he said for the umpteenth time, in a statement given to the media at the July 5 stadium, after the friendly match between the U23 national team and Palestine. “I was elected president of the FAF by the members of the elective AG last year. I have spared no effort during a year of my mandate and it is time to give up my place,” he adds.

The resigning president commented on the intention of the former member of the federal office, Amar Bahloul, to present himself as a candidate for the presidency of the FAF. “My successor will be elected by the elective GA and it is up to the latter to choose whoever it sees capable of chairing the FAF,” he simply said.

“This is why we seized Fifa again”

More than two weeks ago FIFA Arbitration Committee pronounced the verdict concerning the file introduced by the Algerian football federation against the vicious arbitration of Bakary Gassama, during the return match of the qualifying play-offs for the next Algeria-Cameroon World Cup. The FAF was, of course, dismissed by the international body, but the correspondence sent by the latter was so “fuzzy” that the Algerians had difficulty understanding it.

“Fifa’s response was unclear. This is the reason why we seized her again in order to ask for more clarification about the verdict she pronounced”, affirms Amara.

To conclude, the resigning president speaks of the consecration of Riyadh Mahrez and Ismael Bennacer Championship title with their respective clubs, Manchester City and AC Milan. “I am very happy for them. After the disappointment of March 29, I believe that the consecration with their clubs will allow them to regain certain mental resources. This will be very important in anticipation of the next deadlines that await them with the national team.

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