FAF – Amara: where is the business of the federal office?

The federal office of the Algerian football federation has suffered a bloodletting in recent days. After the cumulards, other members followed suit. Currently, the BF now only has 5 members out of the initial 13. This opens the door to speculation as to a possible dissolution of the BF in the event that the quorum is not reached at the next ordinary and elective general meetings.

Mohamed Ghouti was the first to leave the federal office to join the regional league of Oum El-Bouaghi. The other cumulards, in this case Rachid Oukali, Yacine Benhamza and Djilali Touil, have also broken camp on the side of Dely-Brahim to devote themselves now to the regional leagues they lead. There are also Amar Bahloul and Mouldi Aissaoui who were suspended for reaching the reserve right, granting statements to the media after the famous return match of the Algeria-Cameroon play-offs.

The bloodletting continued since, according to the latest news, two other members of the federal office have followed in the footsteps of the starters. They are Rachid Gasmi and Larbi Oumamar who resigned yesterday and are no longer part of the BF.

Are we heading towards an automatic dissolution of the BF?

The least that can be said is that the bleeding in the federal office has put the president of the Algerian football federation in an embarrassing situation. And for good reason, it now only has 5 members left, less than the 50% that allow the BF to continue to exercise and meet, while having the right to deliberate.

In other words, the recent resignation of Gasmi and Oumamar has completed the federal office which is heading straight for dissolution, thus compromising a whole timetable drawn up by the president of the FAF who aspired to hold three general assemblies in the very next few months, especially when we know that there would be other starters in the next few hours according to information that leaked from the structure of Dely Brahim.

While the BF recently announced the dates of its various general meetings as follows: extraordinary general meeting: June 2, 2022 with on its agenda the approval of the new statutes and the electoral code of the FAF, ordinary general meeting: June 16, 2022 for approval of the moral and financial reports for the 2021 financial year as well as the provisional budget for the 2022 financial year and, finally, an elective general meeting on July 7, 2022 with on its agenda a single point relating to the election of a new Executive Board, the program will absolutely have to change, given that the BF can no longer be operational. Faced with this situation, it is the secretary general of the FAF who should take over to organize an EGM to elect a new president.

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