FAF complaint to FIFA: Amara’s new revelations

The president of the Algerian football federation Charaf-Eddine Amara reacted following the information relayed yesterday through the various social networks stating that the FAF would have been, supposedly, dismissed by the international body following the damning case brought against the vicious arbitration of the Gambian Bakary Gassama. Amara reveals that the case is still pending at the level of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee and that the latter should deliver the verdict in a few weeks.

Yesterday, information was relayed by the Qatari channel “bEIN Sports” stating that the Algerian football federation was, supposedly, dismissed by FIFA in the case of the Algeria-Cameroon match and that the latter will not be replayed following the file introduced by the FAF at FIFA level against the vicious arbitration of the Gambian Bakary Gassama. But it turned out, finally, that it is not just a financial fine imposed on the first instance of national football. Indeed, the latter will have to pay a fine of 3,000 Swiss francs (2,929 euros), due to the use of smoke bombs and the throwing of objects at the Mustapha Tchaker stadium in Blida on March 29.

As of press time, FIFA has yet to issue a verdict on the FAF complaint. The FIFA arbitration committee is studying “the Algerian file” before deciding in a few weeks. It is from there that we will know if it will be content to sanction the Gambian referee Bakary Gassama or to replay the Algeria-Cameroon match.

Amara reacts

While the information of a, supposedly, dismissal of the FAF to FIFA lit up social networks yesterday, it made the president of the Algerian football federation Charaf-Eddine Amara react. In an official statement made public on the official facebook page of the FAF, the latter affirms that “The information circulating about a rejection of the complaint by the FAF, which imposed a fine on the FAF, is largely false” and that his body was “notified of the financial sanction in question a few weeks ago following the incidents that punctuated the Algeria-Cameroon match at the Mustapha Tchaker stadium in Blida” while hoping “Never to see this type of incident again reproduce in our stadiums in the future”.

In its press release, Amara also reveals that “The principal request has not yet been decided. The file is still in the hands of the FIFA arbitration committee. There was confusion between the sanction of the Egypt-Senegal match and the sanction imposed on the FAF”.

Finally, the president of the FAF “formally denies the rumor reporting that the complaint of the FAF was rejected, which is completely false and unfounded”.

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