FAF Responds to Eto’o Accusations, Proposes Joint Investigation

In response to the Cameroonian Football Federation (CAF), its Algerian counterpart (FAF) issued a press release this Wednesday, April 27, 2022. In this instance, recontextualizes the words of Djamel Belmadi who made the Cameroonian structure prevail.

The FAF does not let down the EN coach who had challenged the arbitration of Bakar. Consequently, the football structure recalled that “denouncing the referees’ behavior is part of a general interest approach”. An approach “like most players in football, for the good and preservation of the integrity of the dear continent to which we belong and whose values ​​of honor and image we share”.

FAF responds to FECAFOOT accusations

In addition, the FAF claims to have read with disappointment “the FECAFOOT press release”. However, on the side of the building of Dely Brahim, it is specified that “the FAF and the national coach, Djamel BELMADI in the interview mentioned in this press release have, at no time, insisted, quoted and even less accused FECAFOOT or another federation or international body of whatever”.

For its part, FECAFOOT has expressed its willingness to seize the Disciplinary Commission. And this after Belmadi’s speeches and the actions of Algerian officials since the end of the Algeria Cameroon match. In this regard, the FAF is calming things down. It emphasizes that “faithful to its line of conduct, it has always maintained excellent, friendly and fraternal relations with the sister African federations, and in particular with FECAFOOT, and will see to the strengthening and to the consolidation of these relations.

Similarly, the authority of Charaf-Eddine Amara wishes to recall that “the FAF, like any other federation in the world, has used its legitimate right to defend its interests before the competent international authorities, and this, in accordance with the regulations in force “. In addition, like FECAFOOT, the FAF remains “fundamentally attached to the values ​​and virtues of sport, and has always loyally accepted the results that were against it in a total spirit of fair play, without grumbling or accusing anyone. .”

Finally, the FAF affirms that it “looks forward to and will have a real pleasure in accompanying FECAFOOT in its quest to shed light on this matter before the FIFA Ethics Committee, because ethics and integrity have always been part of the principles courageously defended and in all circumstances by Algeria.”

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