France: an RN candidate treats Algerian supporters as “monkeys”

The French presidential elections have ended, and the legislative elections are already being prepared. While many candidates highlight their rewarding actions in order to rally potential supporters, Liliane Pradier shot herself in the foot with racist comments that were quickly raised.

It was during the TMC program “Quotidien” that journalists revealed many messages broadcast by the RN activist on Facebook. They brought out a post dating from 2019, qualifying Algerian supporters as “monkeys of prehistory” but also another published in 2017 in which she asks “why the mosques are not attacked on the day of their religious holidays”, remarks which leave no doubt about their racist but also Islamophobic character. She reiterated her words in 2021, where she directly attacks Rama Yade, encouraging her to “go back to Senegal” by calling her a “traitor”.

The “Daily” program went in search of explanations

In order to have the end of this story, Daily has commissioned a team to confront the candidate with her remarks. It was in Neuilly-sur-Seine that she was approached to answer the accusations but firmly refused to collaborate, and preferred to cut the conversation short, surrounded by her activists.

The television news did not stop there, and the team contacted the spokesperson for the National Rally and member of the party’s investiture commission, Laurent Jacobelli, in order to have more explanations as to the remarks. held by the candidate.

He first praised the procedures put in place and the vigilance they showed during the passage of the candidates before the commission before becoming disillusioned when reading the messages posted by Liliane Pradier. He immediately affirmed that “if this is true, we will notify”. It was therefore not empty words, because on Wednesday evening, the candidate was dismissed and the party recognized that it was a “missed one who fell through the cracks”, which nevertheless still leaves Pradier to tow for The political party.

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