Friendly match Algeria – Uruguay: where will it be played?

National coach Djamel Belmadi insists on scheduling a friendly match on the next Fifa date. The Greens could well face Uruguay on June 14. Only, this friendly game will not take place either at the Oran stadium or in France. It should be played in a stadium in Algeria, probably on July 5.

About two months since the failure of qualification for the next World Cup in Qatar, it is from June 4 that the national team will resume official competition, where it will enter the playoffs for the next CAN-2023, on the occasion of the reception of Uganda at the new stadium in Oran. Thereafter, she will move to Dar Es-Salem to give the answer to Tanzania on June 8th. After these two meetings, the Fifa date will last until mid-May and the national coach wants to take the opportunity to schedule a friendly match. A serious test on which he intends to bet a lot to see certain players at work, especially those summoned for the first time

Until the time of going to press, the Algerian football federation has not concluded with another federation for the programming of a friendly match. The proposals are raining on the FAF, of course, but the opponent who is best suited to face the Greens, probably on June 14, is Uruguay.

The friendly match on July 5?

The Algerian football federation and Djamel Belmadi would not be against the idea of ​​scheduling a friendly match against Uruguay because it is a great footballing nation. But the problem that arises is the place of the match.

Indeed, the possible Algeria-Uruguay friendly match will not take place in France (Lille) for administrative reasons. The information was reported by our colleagues from “la Gazette du Fennec”. Faced with this situation, the FAF requested the management of the Oran stadium, but the Greens would not be welcome in the city of El-Bahia insofar as the “new Jewel”. And for good reason, the latter will be preserved for the next Mediterranean Games which will be held in Oran from the end of June.

Thus, the FAF will face a crucial choice; accept the relocation or cancel the match. This is what could be called a Cornelian dilemma. The Mustapha Tchaker stadium in Blida is not worthy of hosting a friendly match against a great nation like “Celeste”. The first instance of national football could well opt for the July 5 stadium. In short, the latter is busy scheduling a friendly match on June 14, as Belmadi demands, in order to save the next Fifa date.

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