Fujairah art competition: an Algerian wins the first prize

The Fujairah is an international competition held in the United Arab Emirates, which encompasses the art of Arabic calligraphy. This year, Abdelkader Daoudi, an Algerian won the first prize.

Indeed, according to the Algeria Press Service, the academy of fine arts of fujairah announced the winners and the Algerian won the first prize with regard to the alphabet category followed by the Lebanese and the Iranian.

Abdelkader, who comes from Laghouat in Algeria, has participated in numerous exhibitions in his country but also in the Arab world and has won numerous prizes.
This time, he stood out among artists from all over the world because the academy hosted 400 calligraphers and the jury was made up of professionals from Turkey, Iran and other countries. The international Arabic calligraphy competition concerns three different types of styles: the thuluth, the divanî and the alphabet.

Who is this Algerian who won the international Quran recitation competition in Dubai?

Boubekeur Abdelhadi Radja, a young Algerian man won the title of “best qari” of “Dubai International Holly Quran Competition T 25 th”, the 25th edition of the prestigious Dubai International Quran Recitation Competition.

The competition took place from April 10 to 15, 2022, during which Boubekeur was able to demonstrate his faculties in Koranic psalmody, and was designated
as the most beautiful male voice. He therefore pulled out all the stops and was recognized by the jury as the favorite despite the fierce competition.

Indeed, there were representatives from Great Britain, Egypt, the Philippines, Palestine, the United States and Kenya all excellent in the field.

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