Future of Belmadi: a manager at the FAF confides

In an intervention on the Arabic-language television channel France 24, the communication and media relations officer at the Algerian football federation, Salah Bey-Aboud, returns to the request made a few days ago by the first instance of national football to of FIFA. He also evokes the future of Djamel Belmadi, who always leaves the suspense.

The day after the Algeria-Cameroon match, played on March 29 at the Mustapha Tchaker stadium in Blida, the Algerian football federation lodged an appeal with Fifa to challenge the scandalous arbitration of Bakary Gassama and which influenced the result. Match. She is determined to go far in this case.

A few days ago, the FAF, following the recommendations of the legal advisers, formulated a new request to the international body so that its file be treated by the arbitration commission of the latter.

“Based on a legal opinion, the FAF has decided to seize Fifa, once again. The request is intended for the Arbitration Commission because only the latter is in a position to deal with the file”, affirmed Salah Bey-Aboud, in an intervention on the Arabic-speaking television channel France 24, and to add: “The complaint introduced is based on arguments and technical considerations. The Algerian Federation has attached videos to the file as well as a study carried out by a specialized agency”.

While the majority of Algerians absolutely do not believe in a miracle, some keep a slim hope that the Algeria-Cameroon match will be replayed. “The FAF has done its best by seizing Fifa and is determined to go far in this case. The chance of seeing the appeal succeed is in the hands of FIFA and the specialists, who we hope will do what is necessary and will be fair to us,” said Bey-Aboud.

Belmadi still hovers in suspense

The journalist who contacted Salah Bey-Aboud took the opportunity to ask him about the future of Djamel Belmadi. Obviously, the latter has not yet decided and the least we can say is that it always makes the suspense hover.

“So far, the coach has not spoken. But there will be something new in the coming weeks. Everyone wants him to continue with the Algerian selection, “said the communication and media relations officer at the FAF.

It must be said that the Algerians want Djamel Belmadi to stay, although he too bears some responsibility for the disillusionment of March 29.

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