Future of Djamel Belmadi: an imminent choice?

The Algerian team is at a crossroads regarding its future. The latter will depend on two major decisions: the verdict of the international football federation after the Algerian federation seized the world body, and the decision of the national coach as to his future on the Algerian bench.

If the first decision seems to be incredibly complicated, the second is the responsibility of one man. Indeed, after the elimination of the Algerian team from the race for the World Cup, the incessant requests to extend the Djamel Belmadi adventure have not ceased to animate the web.

The Algerian federation, for its part, does not hide its intention to align itself with the demands of the supporters of the greens. In a recent statement, the president of the FAF, Charaf-Eddine Amara, did not consider seeing a new one at the dressers of the Fennecs, “it is not just a contract that binds us to Djamel Belmadi, our link with the coach is much deeper, it’s a moral contract. he explains to the press.

But this decision is on track to depend on the sole will of the Algerian coach. After the two failures of 2022, the Algerian team lost its momentum which had propelled it to the ranks of prestigious selections, winning an African Cup along with a historic series of 35 games without defeat. If this time seems far away, it could be a turning point in Djamel Belmadi’s choice of whether or not to leave the ship that he greatly participated in its restoration.

The Algerian coach has always said he would pack up if he felt he would not be able to bring more to the selection. An element that will weigh heavily in the balance of the coach and which could be the culmination of the decision of the African championship 2019.

“The decision will soon be revealed”

Participating in the 2022 World Cup was the goal of the Algerian tactician. This dream was shattered 10 seconds from the end of the return match against Cameroon. After the spectacular elimination of the Algerian team from the last African Cup of Nations, Belmadi intended to take things in hand to make a clean sweep of what seemed to be the “small” curse of the champion .

But, Blida was one defeat too many. Collapsed, the Algerian coach refused to talk about his future during the post-match press conference. A future which, according to the communication manager of the Algerian team, Salah Bey-Aboud, is still being worked out. In a statement to an Algerian channel, the spokesperson for the Algerian selection affirmed that Belmadi will break his silence soon, “Belmadi will disclose his decision to stay or not in the coming days. He is studying the means by which he will communicate his choice. he said.

A statement which indicates that the decision of Djamel Belmadi has not yet matured in his thoughts. Belmadi will have the task of restoring luster to a team he has built. A decision that only days can claim.

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