Gassama affair: a crowd of Algerians gather in front of FIFA

Leafing through the affair of the famous Algeria-Cameroon match has not yet known its epilogue. While all Algerians are awaiting the verdict of Fifa following the complaint lodged by the FAF a few weeks ago, a hundred Algerians living in Switzerland organized a demonstration today in front of the headquarters of the international body. to protest against the vicious refereeing of Bakary Gassama during the said match, while showing their great support for the national coach Djamel Belmadi.

After the elimination of the national team from the next World Cup, the Algerian federation lodged a complaint with the Fifa arbitration commission against the Gambian international referee Bakary Gassama who was the author of several refereeing errors that influenced the result of the Algeria-Cameroon match, played on March 29 at the Mustapha Tchaker stadium in Blida (1-2). At a time when all Algerians are impatiently awaiting the verdict of Fifa, some of whom still have a slim hope that the match will be replayed, around a hundred Algerian nationals in Switzerland have stepped up to the plate today.

Indeed, and according to videos and photos sent from Switzerland, fervent Algerian supporters organized a demonstration in front of the headquarters of the international body in Zurich to protest against the arbitration of Gassama during the said match. They also demanded justice after the latter injured the Greens on March 29 in Blida.

Remember that this is not the first time that Algerian supporters living in Switzerland have organized a crowd of protest in front of the headquarters of Fifa. Three weeks ago, they already gathered in front of the doors of the international body for the same reason.

Great support for Belmadi

Present in force in front of the headquarters of Fifa, the Algerian supporters also showed their great support for Djamel Belmadi. Indeed, they chanted his name for a long time, repeating: “Allaho Akbar, Djamel Belmadi”.

If they support the national coach, it is quite simply following the complaints filed by the Cameroonian football federation and its Gambian counterpart against the concerned after having severely criticized the referee Bakary Gassama.

It remains to be seen now whether the FAF will succeed in the verdict to which the international body will pronounce in a few weeks.

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