Gassama affair: Belmadi’s dry response to Chapron

During his last media outing, Djamel Belmadi did not miss the opportunity to respond to the controversial French referee Tony Chaperon, who described the national coach as “mediocre”. Without language of wood, it reframes the former referee in question.

During the interview he gave to the official website of the Algerian football federation, Djamel Belmadi fired red balls at Bakary Gassama following his vicious refereeing during the return match of the Algeria-Cameroon play-offs, played on 29 last March in Blida. This provoked a big reaction from Cameroonians and the Gambian Football Federation but also from former French referee Tony Chaperon. The latter, defended the Gambian referee and the least we can say, he went down in flames the national coach, describing him as mediocre, during his passage on a set of a sports program broadcast on the channel “Canal +”, while calling for the imposition of sanctions against him.

According to Chaperon, Belamdi should have assumed his choices following the failure to qualify for the next World Cup, instead of hiding behind the pretext of Gassama’s refereeing errors.

“Being judged by such an arbitrator is the hospital that gives a damn about charity”

Taking advantage of his appearance yesterday on RMC radio in the program “Rothen ignites”, Djamel Belmadi responded in his own way to Tony Chaperon. Without ever mentioning his name, he returned the favor.

“I have a lot on the potato about a person like this who tackled a player and then put a red card behind him! That this guy calls me mediocre…” he said, before continuing: “When Kamel Chafni complains to this referee about an act of racism, you have to show a little psychology, you Listen, you show humanity like the English do. Him, he puts on a direct red!”, Recalling a case that caused a stir in French Ligue 1 ten years ago, where Moroccan international Kamel Chafni accused Tony Chapron’s assistant of having made racist remarks towards him.

Finally, the coach concluded his intervention relating to the former French referee, still without ever naming him, with a reference that will speak to some: “I invite you to look for the fable of the crow and the nightingale… let me be judged by that. , frankly, it’s the hospital that doesn’t give a damn about charity”. For the record, the moral of this fable is that the nightingale does not regret having lost but rather having been judged by… a pig.

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